Restaurant-hopping through Prenzlauer Berg

When you sit here you might think, one is on vacation, somewhere in the south“, raved my love recently when, on Kollwitz Platz middle of the week strohalmierten our Berliner Weisse. (The best white of the neighborhood's way here in the restaurant Istoria.)

    The old slaughterhouse in Prenzlauer Berg at the Landsberger Allee has now been almost completely transformed into a new residential area with condos. Only three buildings are in the original constellation on the site. (read more…)

    The Barberuf is no longer a pure men's job more. This proves the new leader of the famous "bellini lounge", Cordula Langer. The 26 year old is one of the five best barmaids Berlin. Models of Cordula Langer include Ada "Coley" Coleman and Maria Dolores Boadas, even with the 75 Years in Barcelona's oldest cocktail bar nor their "Liberal cocktail mixes. (read more…)

    From 20. to 22. Never 2011 again, the festival Erophile - held love of reading and loving in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. The festival will be held in the offices of Pepper's, the former brewery in Prenzlauer Berg. (read more…)

    On 2. October 2010 It is that time again: Gleim the tunnel is the fourth time in the evening locked before the day of German unity to traffic, and from 19.00 Clock sounded again hot dance rhythms to refuel and go into the holiday. The party at this particular location should not be missed. (read more…)

    In November, the time has come: “Basic Photography” – a photo course, which is aimed at beginners and advanced beginners to digital photography, takes place in the gallery in Kurt Hirsch. What's nice, capture the spirit of autumn than in the neighborhood with your own digital camera? (read more…)

    The former East Berlin neighborhood now stands for a modern lifestyle and savoir vivre like no other in Berlin. The cosmopolitan and Mediterranean flair moves us again and again in the local restaurants. Especially in summer it is a pleasure and who is running like people-gucking is right here.

    On the way to one of our many Lieblingsrestaurants we encounter street musicians and famous actors, sometimes one or the other celebrities of the Berlin political scene. These are for tourists, Students, Live artists and media people, young families, Fresh singles and lovers. Here no one seems to sleep and so you can also safely around late at night through the streets.

    But most of all, there is much to discover culinary. In Prenzlauer Berg good cuisine meets innovator and proven. The audience is international and here most of Europe lived door to door. The largest group of French, Italian, British, Spaniards and Danes. Not forgetting of course the Americans. And that's reflected in our lush, diverse dining scene again. The beauty of it- It attracts up late at night something good on the plate.

    Eating, Drinking and dining in the restaurant

    Bel A Restaurant (classic Italian and good) – Kollwitzstr. 66
    Today is a secluded summer evening and we sit under garlands of colored bulbs Italian Restaurants Belluno, directly on Kollwitz Platz. From September to be placed outside patio heaters and fleece blankets are ready to Einmummeln. All this invites the original Italian cuisine in the Belluno enjoy. The pizza is unique and always topped with crispy fresh ingredients. Very highly recommended is the legendary and extensive weekend brunch. On Saturdays and Sundays, this mass anti-paste and other Italian specialties for all 8,50 Euro. Reservations are a must in winter, in summer there are usually out there still a place.

    Restaurants on the water tower (u. Jewish) Knaakstraße
    If it is on the corner of Kollwitzstraße about 100 Meters to the left to get to the water tower. He is considered the symbol of Prenzlauer Berg and is supported by the remaining Urberlinern “Herman Dicker” called. The massive tower is 30 Meters high. Directly opposite is the restaurant Pasternak (Knaakstr. 22/24) providing guests with Jewish specialties. Particularly inviting are the seating on the terrace.

    Abu Musa (Persian-Arabic) – Rykestr. 15,
    Just a few doors down the Abu Moussa invites you to Sunday brunch Arab. From 10:00- 14:00 Clock can be here for 8.50 Euro to unconsciousness enjoy oriental.

    Zweistrom (Arabic) Kollwitzstr. 104
    Here `s delicious Halumi and falafel on the fly and in the best quality and the best Kufteteller (6.50 Euro) in the neighborhood. The service is super smart and friendly. All ingredients are fresh, chopped, sliced and fried. You stand before a glass display case and the sauces and ingredients laugh a tempting. Besides fresh parsley salad include a chili sauce and hummus made from chickpeas to the basic equipment of each plate.

    Restaurants – Eating at the Prenzlauer Allee

    The Prenzlauer Allee is the lifeblood and main road in Prenzlauer Berg. In addition to the shops for daily needs can be found here is very tasty delicacies. The restaurants invite you to happiness between fast food shopping and bank transfer.

    Bangkok Treffpunkt Takeaway (Thai) – Prenzlauer Allee No. 46
    been eating for years old and Price Stability: We have not increased our prices- It was after the euro changeover. And it's true. Really fast service brings great aromatic Thai dishes for surprisingly little money. Even for 5-8 Euro can indulge with relish here in Thai curry and other fine things. should the crispy duck with garlic and coriander not be missed. Who does not like cilantro, the court simply ordered without.

    Salumeria Sicily (Italian Restaurant) – Prenzlauer Allee 27a
    This cute little restaurant is actually an Italian deli. But here it is every day is a noodle dish with tasty sauce sided lunch (ca. 5 Euro). For dessert highly recommended are the original Italian Dolce, you can buy at the counter. The hunt while the blood sugar level mercilessly into the air, but with the excellent coffee a heavenly pleasure.

    More Restaurant Recommendations

    Suppenkult (Fusion) Soup -Prenzlauer Allee 42
    Vegetarian or meat with? That is the Question, which one turns when one enters this down soup shop. All dishes are handmade and prepared with love and fresh ingredients. The quick bite in between, the desire for more power. Must try!

    Mr. Rossi (Italian) – Winsstraße Str.11
    Winsviertel. All the runs parallel to the Prenzlauer Winsstraße. To go eat with friends, we recommend the small but very fine restaurant Mr. Rossi.
    Here's a very good wines paired with Italian cuisine and a permanent space problem. Reservations are essential announced, and the food is heavenly. The restaurant is tasteful and simple down to earth. The operation has a warm charm and wit. The Anti paste tray is not only visually striking, you always feel like a regular, even if it is for the first time here.

    Helmholztplatz (Mexican, Italian, Hispanic, German)
    At one time rocked Penner meeting, invites the little park in the center today to sunbathe or play table tennis. But also a culinary detour to go to, around the park for a good restaurant follows the other. For me, the restaurants here simply the oasis for brunch every Sunday. It always a place and the food tastes wonderful everywhere.

    Schusterjunge (German) – Danziger Str. 9
    There has been 24 Years of low-cost home-style cooking. Who once again has the right mood for hearty should necessarily at “Schusterjungen” come. Especially popular with students, the restaurant is also working people enjoy the prices of the delicious home cooking. The dishes range from 5- 12 Euro.

    Kulturbrauerei (Fusion) – Schönhauser Allee 36
    The listed Kulturbrauerei is a haven for culture vultures. There is a cinema, Restaurants, Legendary are the after-work parties at Club Soda.

    Konnopke's Takeaway (S-Bahnhof Street Eberswalder) Schönhauser Allee 44a
    The S-Bahn arches of the U2 finds Konnopke's Takeaway. Berlin's traditional sausage stand's been 1930. It is an experience in the thundering traffic, in the company of pigeons, to indulge in the pleasure Curry. Sauces are heavenly to hellish hot desire. The overall experience “Konnopke” should have allowed themselves at least once in your life.

    Der Prater (German) Beer garden – Chestnut Avenue 7-9
    From Konopke once you cross the street to the right and after a few meters you are on the right side of Berlin's oldest beer garden: The Prater was 1837, then far away from Berlin's city gates, on a path for horse-drawn vehicles. Besides the beer there is a restaurant and an outdoor stage. In the Prater Garten's kitchen with German classics such as meatballs.